FULL NAME ArcadeMint
Symbol ACT
Total Supply 125.000.000 ACT
Decimal Places 8
Algorithm ERC20
Location England

ACT was created by a ACT team in the England. Over a year of project research and implementation.

ArcadeMint is a cryptocurrency marketplace for selling your items. Our ecommerce platform is a real and practical use case for cryptocurrency and blockchain.

ICO 5%
Founding Team 10%
Development Team 10%
Community 40%
Reserve funds 35%


  • February 2019
    Stage 01

    Research and development team initiates ecosystem and makes plan for global development project.
  • September 2019
    Stage 02

    Launching ACT coin and selling ICO with price of $ 0.5 / 1ACT.
  • October 2019
    Stage 03

    October 20, 2019 End of ICO to launch ecosystem and develop ACT trading community on international exchanges and decentralized exchanges to conduct ACT exchanges on Coin markets and e-commerce platforms with Starting price of 0.6 $ / 1ACT. The reward growth for each ACT ranges from 20% -30% of the value per month.
  • December 2019
    Stage 04

    Application of AI technology (artificial intelligence) on trading exchanges to generate profits for investors and using ACT coin as an intermediary currency to trade.
  • 2020
    Stage 05

    Expanding the scope of ACT exchange on e-commerce markets. Cooperate with partners and deploy major events in many countries on the basis of smart contracts. Integrating many applications on DAPP.
  • 2021
    Stage 06

    Launch rewards program for partners and the community. Integrate payment for many different ecosystems for travel, games, games, etc. trade trade the most, fastest, most secure, transparent.
  • 2025
    Stage 07

    The goal is to reach 20 million users globally and create more value for the community such as reducing the cost of using the service and creating profits for investors globally.